Thuk Je Che Tibet


Lhakar - Resistance Movement Tibetan People 

Lhakar is a homegrown, Tibetan self-reliance movement that started after in the aftermath of the 2008 uprising. In spite of China’s intensified crackdown, Tibetans have embraced the power of strategic nonviolent resistance. Every Wednesday, a growing number of Tibetans are making special effort to wear traditional clothes, speak Tibetan, eat in Tibetan restaurants and buy from Tibetan-owned businesses. They channel their spirit of resistance into social, cultural and economic activities that are self-constructive (promoting Tibetan language, culture and identity) and non-cooperative (refusing to support Chinese institutions and businesses).


The Tibetan word “Lhakar” (ལྷག་དཀར་) translates literally as “White Wednesday,” as Wednesday is considered special by Tibetans because it is the Dalai Lama’s soul day (བླ་གཟའ་).


It does not to make Lhakar Tibetan. 

We Westerners can also give our support and solidarity with the Tibetan people, wearing Tibetan clothes, going to restaurants Tibetans, not to buy products "Made in China", do not buy in stores or go to restaurants run by Chinese or Chinese.

Call or write to the Chinese Consulate in Barcelona or the Chinese Embassy in Madrid calling for respect of human rights in Tibet. And learn a new word every Wednesday in Tibetan. 

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