Thuk Je Che Tibet


TJChT Manifesto


The Group Thuk Che Je born to defend and help the Tibetan people to the continuing deterioration of the situation that leads to self-immolations, unjust arrests, imprisonment without trial, religious persecution, human and cultural genocide, loss of dignity, complete removal of any basic right as the primary and most basic is life.


The invasion of the Tibetan territory and the many atrocities committed during the occupation period and after it in themselves constitute serious violations of the protocols of the Geneva Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Today the Chinese authorities fired at peaceful demonstrations, it is illegal to have the Tibetan flag and any picture of their spiritual leader is a crime that carries jail, causing abortions and forced sterilizations carried out by order of the Chinese authorities involved in repression, by referring all at the darkest horrors of the Second World War, in a time where we have bodies ensuring the rights of Nations.

The United Nations has not taken any action and violations of any rights are being committed in front of an international community who will not see the seriousness of what is happening there.


We consider the above crimes against humanity and for which we want to address different estates, embassies and governments to get the parties to sit at the negotiating table and reach agreements to end this situation.


So we ask: 

• The UN intervention, sending observers that guarantee the safety of the Tibetan population. 

• Free access media inside Tibet. 

• The return of the Panchen Lama Gedhrun Choekyi Nyima, kidnapped by China. 

• The entry of mediators to ensure that the parties reach reach satisfactory agreements. 

• The implementation of the "middle way" to get a real Autonomy Tibetan government built a car in China. 

• The return of the Tibetan spiritual leader S. S. the Dalai Lama.


Reasonable consider the points raised, the daily loss of lives urgent to take decisions and act as quickly as possible. 


Whether the facts are constitutive of crimes against humanity, reach a hypothetical conflict stabilization solution or consider that it takes gravity to the events already happened and that they should be prosecuted and punished, as established by international treaties and conventions.

You can download the manifesto (pdf).