Thuk Je Che Tibet


The Association


Thuk Je Che Tibet is an non-profit Association registerd in Generalitad of Cataluña Justice Department, General Direction of Law for Juridical Entities in March fouth of 2013, it was born with the aim of a people group who since long ago give and lean Tibetan cause with the purpose of give them support and provide humanitarian aid and International Cooperation in order to improve life conditions in Tibet and their population also in refugees camps with promotion, defend and spread the Tibetan Culture and their traditions.  


We are an entity of national range, we was born with the wish to cover our whole territory and establishment worldwide. 


The goal we are looking for and keep us daily busy is based on becomes in an instrument of progress and defending freedom improvements, the aid and solidarity with the tibetans inside and abroad tibet in projects of cooperation to reach developments. Damnation the human rights violations happen daily preserving their culture and traditions. 


We wont never stop in our try to see one free Tibet where the exiled people could comes back to the land who rise up their ancestors. 


As our name says Thuk Je Che (Thanks in Tibetan lenguage), we like to thank to Tibetan people for their  non violent struggle showing to the rest of the world is possible fight with the truth as the only weapon. Thanks to Tibetan Country to give us the chance to know their ancient culture where the Buddhism is the way of life, Thanks also to Tibetans to open their hearts and make possible this Association would born.


For all we give Thanks and we could say they not gonna a be alone Thuk Je Che Tibet Association walk in their side (sideways).


We cheer up you in this associate project, conciliatory and participatory for build a better future for Tibetan people. 


Alfons Sanchez Fernandez

President of Thuk Je Che Tibet Association