Thuk Je Che Tibet


The elderlys

To be old and live in oblivion.

Current Aids:


74 years old


She lives alone in a very small and dark room. He lives in a house with another elderly gentleman who is who rents the room. 

But he has no income. 

No family and her husband who died four years ago. 

Namgyal & Ngayin    

80 & 84 years old


They have a son who suffers the consequences of drugs.

Both have partial blindness due to strong falls.

They support each other and do odd jobs to make some money. 


85 years old


She is a woman with disability issues. Morning leave it sitting on a cement patio until her sister returns at night.

He lives with his 81 year old sister doing cleaning work in a monastery to get some money, and another woman living alone in a very small room. 


She recently died.

(Om Mani Padme Hum)

Yama Wangchuk & Tsering Dolker

80 & 72 years old

They have a daughter. 

But she was married and pregnant and already has a son from a previous relationship.


She is caring for her parents without any income.


78 years old

He is alone and had no one there to take care of his wife who died five years ago. 

He is unable to walk properly because it has some serious issues back. 


He has no income, it is not able to work because of this physical problem.


85 years old


He is alone and has no one to look after him. 

He is very ill and get food with its neighbor. 

Your life depends on the few drugs that offer. 


84 years old


He has two daughters and one son:  

But all are living their own life not taking care of him. 

His Wife was passed away nine years back, He is all lone. 

 They usually live in bungalows dark and damp 

In rooms like this live to three people in a very poor sanitation. 

The president of the association that traveled to the area of Himachal Pradesh (India, where the majority of Tibetans in exile) to learn first-hand the problems faced by these elders.

A member of the Tibetan Community of Spain and Tsering Dorjee, a resident of the area and a good man who cares about the welfare of the elderly.

Delivery of money and signing receipts.

Thank you from all the elders of Tibet in exile and all members of this asociation without any profit volunteer to help these good people.

All the money is distributed in full to the elders of Tibet for to cover all their basic needs and become their lives more comfortable.

Millions of thanks and that Buddha enlighten your hearts.

We collect  aid you want and can to donateWhat best they can.

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