Thuk Je Che Tibet


The aid’s

Help the elderly in exile

They are the most forgotten in this sad situation of the Tibetan people.

They forged a great nation, Tibet. And they had to emigrate from their country by the ferocious slaughter committed by the Chinese army. 

Migrated with fear in their heels, but the hope on their faces. 

Every wrinkle your skin is the history of that country, each row of your face is the path that tore the land to grow food for their nation. 

But now they are the most neglected. 

In these times of crisis, private funding to Tibetan monasteries in India have ceased. And the monasteries have stopped receiving aid. 

These monasteries have to supply as is, and how little they get is to continue building the young monks and care for the education of children who are the future of their land. 

But unfortunately the monasteries can not take care of the elderly. 

They are already running your life, your stay on this plane of existence, the way it ends. 

But they can have a decent old age and not be forced to be cornered. 

For the sake of the fathers of the Tibetan nation, we ask you for a little that you can assist her to this wonderful and courageous people.

Thuk Je Che.