Thuk Je Che Tibet



Thuk Je Che Tibet Association is actively involved in each of the various measures enacted by different agencies and Tibet support groups. As well as campaigning and bill itself.

From demonstrations and local, provincial, national and international. Until socio-cultural campaigns to raise awareness of the various aspects of Tibetan culture.

Lhakar promote each Wednesday (Wednesday blank) through our Facebook page to raise awareness among people about the Tibetan issue.


We support pro-Tibet concerts that take place in our country.


We manifest readings against the Chinese Embassy in our city.


We distributed leaflets.



Helping a group of elderly residents of Bir (North India), by sending money so freely give people like you.


We sponsor a Tibetan youth so they can get on with their studies and can be formed for a future career.


Denounce with courage and relentlessly committed atrocities and continue making the Chinese authorities in Tibet and the constant persecution carried out with the Tibetans in the rest of the world. By sending protest letters to various embassies and asking the Chinese government to respect human rights.


We engage fully in to know and make known the situation Tibetans currently living within their occupied country and in exile.

Our Facebook page is one of the most active in the struggle for a free Tibet.Visit us!